Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Getting Started...

Okay so I am going to start a new page on my blog...Classroom Corner. Hopefully I can give the teachers out there some ideas and help when it comes to setting up their classroom, as well as maintaining and organizing it! Once I get back into my classroom I will post pics of my room as well as others (as long as I have permission) that have great ideas. I think one of the biggest parts of teaching is SHARING! If you see something you like, or know me and know of something you want just message me or comment and ask. I am so fortunate to work with a school and team that share, I know from experience and word of mouth not all schools or teams are like that. 

First things first...if you are a new teacher this is easier for you because you have a blank slate, for veteran teachers this may be a little more difficult. When thinking of your classroom first come up with a theme, this ties everything together and can really help with organization believe it or not. Now when I say theme I don't mean cats, dogs, and goodness me frogs (I say that because I ended up with a frog theme for over 7yrs). I mean a color theme. This is easier than picking an animal or something, because you will have more options later. To help decide I like to look at teacher supply magazines, walk around in a teacher supply store (don't buy...I know it's tempting), and visit other classrooms. If you are a veteran teacher look around your current room and see what colors you tend to go toward the most. After you have decided on your colors begin looking at A FEW patterns or "themes" (now I mean frogs, bees, cats, etc.) that go with your colors such as zebra print, polka-dots...but don't go crazy and don't go too trendy (once the trend is over you will never find that stuff again)! Think accent ONLY!!!! This is were browsing comes into play. 
DON'T go trendy (it will eventually become difficult to find things to help you build your decor), Stick with 2-3 colors any more and it becomes overwhelming. 

LOVE these colors together, but it would be very hard to match the green
Color ideas: Blue/Green, Red/Black, Blue/Red/Green, Black and pretty much any color, Pink/Green, Red/White/Blue. If you want to pick a pattern such as Zebra (make it black and white) and add an accent solid color: pink, red, blue. 

Think your color palate is red, white, and black

NOT this!!!!!

Things to keep in mind: Will I be able to find enough items of these colors to continue to decorate my classroom? Are these colors easy to match (such as a particular red shade)? You will have both boys and girls in your class, so try to stay neutral. 

Again, love these colors but a little girly

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Brittany said...

LOVE your blog, and the organizational tips you offer. If only my school building weren't built thousands of years ago....LOL....then maybe I could actually work around all of my built-in cabinetry. (Which I love! It just doesn't move!)