Thursday, June 23, 2011


Please don't judge me, or better yet correct me...I am a HORRIBLE speller. Yes, I am a teacher. Yes, I was taught phonics based spelling and reading. Yet I still don't spell well. It is one of the first things I tell my new students every year, but I also make an effort to point out when I notice I spell something wrong or even realize I don't know how to spell a word. Then I lead by example and show them how to look up a word, sound it out, and so on. So please don't waste your time looking for spelling errors in my blog or grabbing your red pen to make corrections (all you teachers out there), I will save you the time and tell you there are plenty. I don't profess to be a writer, this is simply a thoughts, ideas, and feelings. So please just be understanding and read for enjoyment not judgement. Thanks!

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