Thursday, December 3, 2015

Day 3: Silver

Another full day today! The first half of my day was spent co-facilitating our Secondary Math PLC. Each subject team (6-12) meets four time thoughout the year for a half day PLC. We are continuing our work with quality assessments. Today our focus was building Standars Rubrics and starting our District Summative Assessments. I am over the Secondary Math group, however all Secondary Instructional Coaches help facilitate all the PLCs. I am very proud of the hard work my teams did today.

The second part of my day was spent on Focus Walks. This year we are trying to give each teacher in our building at least two opportunities to complete Focus Walks, visiting their peers and other classrooms. This year our Focus Walk focus is technology (due to our 1:1initiative). Now of course that doesn't mean we aren't looking for other things just focusing on technology.

My team of three teachers spent almost two hours visiting classrooms I our building. For the last hour we visiting the elementary school up the hill (where I use to teach). I had so much fun getting to see those younger student hard at work and using their technology!

Which gets me to my picture of the day. In one third grade classroom we visited they were using the Book Creator app to work on their animal research projects. The picture I took was of a great little girl working on her project...unfortunately I took the picture with my school iPad and left it at I guess I will post it tomorrow. So how does the picture fit within today's challenge you ask...well the animal the student was writing about was the Silverback Gorilla!

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