Thursday, December 10, 2015

Day 10: R is for...


Today was our last Secondary District PLC, whew!

Our timeline for this PLC was that our teachers were working in grade level teams and/or subject area teams. They had to use their pacing guides from last year (they had prioritized their standards and created standards pacing guides) and determine which standards they wanted to created a District Summative Assessment from. Once they decided which standards they wanted to assess they began creating standards rubrics for the standards they chose (we are a Standards Based Teaching, Grading, and Learning district).

One way to guide the teachers into creating these rubrics was to use and activity called Ramp It Up! (click here to view the activity).

It was a great way to show them our process/steps for creating their rubrics.

Here is a link to our template for creating Standards Rubrics.

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