Tuesday, September 15, 2015

QR Code Professional Development

Well our in-service week has come and gone...as well as the first week of school! WE WERE BUSY!

As promised I am writing about the QR Code Professional Development lesson I presented during our tech day. I was very excited, and the class could not have gone smoother.

I started the class with having them download a QR code reader. I prefer I-nigma. It is free, tends to have fewer pop ups/ads, and is user friendly for even the little learners.

Once that was completed I passed out the Dynamic Duo cards (post can be found here), and had them find their other half. Once they partnered up I had them share two things they knew about QR codes OR wanted to know about QR codes. 

Next, I asked if anyone knew what QR stood for? I then presented this infographic which prompted a great discussion.

(The QR codes actually work on this!)

After that I then jumped into the "bulk" of the presentation. I showed them an infographic that I had made on "How to Make a QR Code".

Displaying How to make a QR code Copy.png

I used the app Piktochart to make it!

Once they realize how easy it was, the ideas began to flow. I had them practice making a QR Code with an answer to a question I gave them, they then had to have their elbow partner scan their QR Code to reveal the answer.

Finally I showed this presentation with ideas of how to use QR codes in the classroom.

Click HERE to view it!

We had so much fun and I received numerous emails from those that attended the class letting me know how they are using QR Codes in the classroom.

Now on to my first week of school...

We rolled out our 1:1 initiative and it's been one exciting roller coaster! What they say is true...you learn by doing. Things we thought would go smoothly were bumpy and other things we were concerned about seemed to not be a problem.

I have to thank our teachers for their effort, support, and time out of their "normal" welcome to my classroom lessons they have given to help make this possible.

I know we will still have a TON ups and downs, but it's pretty exciting...and to watch how thrilled the students are to have this opportunity has been amazing.

I also went around to the teaching staff and snapped some "My First Day" pics. I am blessed to work with this great staff! I am looking forward to a GREAT year!!!