Saturday, August 1, 2015

Get To Know Me

As some of you are starting back to school next week I thought I'd share a GREAT packet I purchased from TpT (click picture to go to the product).

I have used some of these with my summer school students and they LOVE them.

One of the favorites was Would You Rather...

They each got to choose a card from the middle, one at a time. The person who chose the card read it to the group, would answer it, then explain why they chose what they did. Some of the cards were: Would you rather live in space or under the sea? Would you rather learn to talk all over again or learn to walk all over again? Some were silly and some were very thought provoking. They really enjoyed it!

I would suggest with the Would You Rather activity giving the students some time to maybe write some of them in their journal and let them answer them, they really had to work hard not to blurt out what they would rather do!

Well it's August here and the smoke has rolled in from CA fires.

Our little valley is the perfect pocket for the smoke, no fun!

(there is usually a great view of our fields out there)

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