Thursday, August 1, 2013

THE caddies

Most of you know, by now, my other business is bucket/caddy making...or designing or decorating.... it's hard to really put a label on what I do (small pun intended). Anyway a TON of you have asked where I get my caddies. I've always, sort of, kept it a secret because I felt it would take away from my business. But having moved cross country and getting tired of shipping the bulky caddies to everyone I let the cat out of the bag!

TARGET! I know right!!! Every summer season (right before school gets out), and has been this way for the past three or four years, Target has released season caddies. The are technically called utensil caddies. Every year they change just a little bit. Last year was the round caddy, this year is the rectangular caddy (they had one similar two years ago). Then right before school starts they go on sale...and the white ones seem to be "ghost-like" because two years running they have not been available online while they are on sale. Hummmm.

So now that all the teachers are going to run to their Target to find them, don't forget to see me at Quite A Pear for the labels and ribbon!!! Here is the link for the Target caddies.

There was a question about how much did the current rectangular caddy hold. It is larger than the round ones from last year. I took a picture of mine in my room this year...with a few things in it so that maybe you can get an idea.

Note the scissors are adult size scissors (they came with my new classroom), you can sort of also get an idea of how deep they are by looking at the glue stick!

Finally a little note to my student "blog stalker"...the little bird made it and is sitting on my shelf at my new school now! Good luck at registration and on your first day of middle school!!!

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Diane said...

I love the birdie! Your students must really appreciate all the work you do! Just like me!