Friday, April 12, 2013

What...I have a blog??!?!?

I promise I did not forget about you all...promise!

Once again life has taken over, and of course my classroom schedule became hectic as well.

We did sell our house (yea!) and are temporally moved (squished) in with my mother and sister. I'll update you all more on what our future plans are, but you will have to wait like everyone else for that :) My hubby and I celebrated 10 years together (while packing and moving), not our ideal 10 year anniversary...we had thought of doing something grand when we talked about it a few years ago...but we had no idea then that we would be packing and moving. So those plans were put on the back burner, maybe next year.

My family did get together for our annual Eggextravaganza. I somehow managed to upgrade the girls' Easter buckets (after digging through boxes to find my cutting machine). I love how they turned out!

Feel free to add captions to this one!

I must admit I am a bit of a chevron freak...along with polka-dots!

I did somehow manage to make it to Spring was rough that last week. I had to give my transition students the 4th grade CAR (content area retest), manage behaviors (SPRING FEVER hit my room hard, 2 in school...reflection room attendants, and two AP kept giving me chocolate, not such a good sign).

We have also been booking it through our Social Studies content. Teaching Civil War to present day is a TON of material! I love my co-workers and how well we work together when planning. We have been integrating  Social Studies into our Reading lessons like crazy! If you haven't already done so, head over to  it's free and a lot of their passages are Science/Social Studies common core...and it's FREE!!!!

Once I finally got my daughter over croup (again) Spring Break came as did the pollen! Which knocked me on my bottom. Ever wonder how much your child touches your car? Well head to the south and park your car outside overnight, and tada...POLLEN ART! This picture does not do it justice.

We did manage to do a few things around's a little different when you don't have your own house and are staying with someone else.

 Someone went to the dentist! I did too, but I have to take Valium just to get a cleaning; therefore, my picture is not as cute :) 

She got her hair cut and done! 

And we hung out at the park

Overall not too bad of a break, but nothing real exciting...and it's almost over. 

We head into the home stretch when we get week of test prep, finish curriculum madness then state testing begins! I don't have any amazing plans or packets...just not enough time! I will say that another great tool I have been using is they just came out with an app for your ipad or iphone. It's common core aligned as well. 

After testing the true madness begins! Maybe I'll have some fun things planned to keep them promises though :)