Sunday, January 13, 2013

13 Books in 2013 Challenge

Hey guys I finally got pictures of my New Year's bulletin board! I mentioned it on Classroom DIY blog and thought I would share it here too. The kids are so excited to get going on this. 

  After discussing the meaning of resolution and the different types of resolutions we talked about making a class resolution. We discussed the challenge of reading 13 books and how it could make us better people, readers, and overall students. They are going to put an envelope book report under their picture and strip. See below for how to put together the envelope book reports. 

I made a "mask"/glasses of sorts for the students to wear in their pictures. I simply di-cut the numbers, colored them, laminated them, and then hot glued them together. Each student held them up as a mask as well as held their favorite book up in their picture for the outside wall display. 

I cut and laminated strips of paper to put under their pictures, to hold the summary cards for their books.

To create the envelope book report simply take a regular envelope, seal it, and trim approx. one and a half inches off one of the ends (to make a pocket of sorts). Simply glue a clothes pin to the back. The students will decorate the front of the envelope to look like the the cover of the book they read. They will then simply write a summary of their book on a note card that they then slip into the envelope. 

Once the envelope book report is complete the students will clip them under their picture. As their strip fills I will add more strips to the bottom to make them longer. 

Again the kids were so excited to do this that I already ran out of envelopes!


Mary at said...

Wonderful idea!
Mary at Pitner's Potpourri
Pitner's Potpourri Shop on Teachers Notebook

Tania said...

I absolutely L-O-V-E this idea!
thanks for sharing,
My Second Sense

Jill said...

Great idea!

Mrs. Parker said...

What a great and meaningful resolution for your students. I also love the great looking display. :)

Lisa Mattes said...

Darling! LOVE that mask, too!
I heard about you from the Shout Out Linky I'm co-hosting. Would love to see you link up some time!
Smiles - Lisa
Growing Firsties

Kristy said...

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing it!

Teachin' First

Diane said...

Did you specify the types of books or do the children choose?

Neat idea! We are working on individual New Year's Resolutions now with our writing. This would be good to do with all once their are done.

Dandelions and Dragonflies said...

I just told them they had to be level appropriate...because my class is all different levels due to half being transition. I do keep an eye on what they are reading and may try to turn in as a summary. I have already had a lengthy talk with one student about him not challenging himself, that I would not accept any more summaries of books below his level. We re-discussed that fact that this resolution was to make us better students and reader...he got the point!

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Harga Printer said...

Waw ... nice 2013 mask.. :D i hope have one at home..