Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Twitter follow up

For those of you that were wanting it, this is what my mimio looked like. I also saved it as a Adobe so that you could project it. Click here to retrieve it!  Adjustment: I allowed my students to write their own Tweet and not one for their partner....I thought they would be a little more specific and interesting.


a findley said...

This is just too cute! I think I might try this with my 3rd graders!

Ms. Carney said...

I would love it if you looked at my latest post and offered ANY advice you have got!! Love your creativity! Thank you :)

Reflections at Recess

Jen Bellinger said...

This is an awesome way to start the year! Thanks for the idea!! I enjoy your blog!

Jen B

Unknown said...

Totally cute. I love the kid friendly explanation. You should see the Pirate twitter birds I downloaded for my twitter board in my classroom. I will be posting pics this weekend on my blog.