Sunday, August 12, 2012

To do...

Well it's Sunday and I am working on my To Do list: laundry, grading (well checking), lesson plans, and so on. On my list was to give you all the What's In a Name worksheet that I had created and couldn't upload.

 For those of you that read about our first day we completed name bubbles to get to know each other, which lead nicely into this What's In a Name activity. Someone had commented that I should have them use the bubbles and create a wordle...seriously you must know me a little too well, because that is exactly what we are going to do on our second computer lab day! I had them save their name bubbles just for that activity! However I had to wait for the second week of school until we can get into the computer stay tuned for that activity!

I did want to take a quick some of you know I also write for another blog Classroom DIY. We are on our fourth month of great classroom do it yourself items. Now I am drawing a blank. I have been trying to get a few ideas from pinterest to try out, but I am still struggling. So my question to you all is what have you been wanting to try and DIY? What would you like to see made? Any suggestions would be great!

Click here to get the What's In a Name WS!

Enjoy your Sunday!

Oh and head over to Quite A Pear for a back to school cute!

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Amanda said...

Okay, the mustaches must really be the "in" thing right now. However, ever since I met my boyfriend he has been so into fake mustaches. When we are out shopping he always picks something up. I think we have a huge bin in our basement!