Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A cute find...

Just thought I would share a cute find

I found these at JoAnns a few weeks back. They are magnetic metal signs. They can stand on their own (there was also ones you could hang on the wall). I think I may weave some ribbon through the holes and tie a bow in the corner. The red one I may use as a little message board, you could even use an expo marker to write on it! The black one I am thinking of using vinyl letters to put Passes on it and then clipping my clothes pin passes (made earlier) on the sides.

I will keep you all posted (with pictures of course) on how I am using them in my classroom.

My summer update: So this summer I am actually going places!!! I can't believe it, we never go anywhere...our schedules are completely opposite so it makes it difficult. I will be around for majority of July, so I am sure I will be posting like crazy...moving grade levels and having time to "think" I have a TON of ideas and things I want to make/share with you all. Please hang in there as I post here and there this next month, I hope to make up for it in July!


Sabra said...

Super cute idea! I love to use unconventional things in the classroom. I love your blog and have awarded you the One Lovely Blog Award :o) If you check out my blog it tells you how to recieve your award and pass it on. Thank you again!


Amy Amos said...

Love those! Thanks!!!

Think, Wonder, and Teach said...

Oh - I love it! I wish I had found those at my Joanns but no such luck.

Think, Wonder, & Teach