Saturday, May 5, 2012


I totally didn't save my lesson plans, on my laptop and not the school drive, for the Potato Unit I have been doing with my students!!!! I have the first week completed and wanted to share it with you all, because we are having so much fun. I do, however, have the Potato Math page that we did on I will share that with you all.

I bought two bags of potatoes, because I wanted be sure I had a potato for each student. One was larger than the other which allowed for us to discuss the difference when estimating, and using the information we had gotten from the first bag of potatoes.

When weighing the individual potatoes it proved to be a little difficult. One of the skills we had to cover at the end of the year was using grams and kilograms. Well the potatoes weighed more, in grams, than we had weights we had to combine weight sets and do a lot of adding of weights. We managed though. My suggestion would be to maybe use those small, yellow potatoes or even cut the potatoes in half.

Now to answer a few questions from you all!

My Lesson Plan Book:
I have had a lot of questions about it, and would love to share it with you all, however it is an Excell document and would need to be adjusted to fit your schedules and school hours. When I upload it into Google Docs it goes crazy! So I guess the best thing to do is maybe have you email me and I can send it through email. Like I said I don't mind sharing it at all!

My shelving for each group:

I found them at Walmart! They are the Mainstay brand and as I tried to find them online, but I think they can only be found in the store, it's similar to this one but black in color: They do have two removable shelves I just use one because my book boxes are so tall.

What I keep on the shelves: On the left is their book boxes for Guided Reading/Reader's Workshop. They keep their journal, post-its, library books, classroom books, and possibly a book they are reading in group in their boxes. Any time we are doing reading they take their book box wherever they a center, at their desk, in group with me...that way they have everything they would need. On the right is their crayon/colored pencil box. I do buy these myself...they very from year to year depending on what is on sale and where. On the bottom of course dictionaries...and this year Kleenex and occasionally the trash can (so they don't kick it around the room). On the top I have always had some sort of group caddy/bucket etc. to keep glue sticks, scissors, and hand sanitizer in.


Mrs. Anderson said...

I like how you organize your group bookshelves. The kids have everthing they need at their fingertips and no learning time is wasted looking for things. I can see that you are very organized which is very beneficial for your students:)

EMpowered said...

I am loving your group shelves! I would also loove a copy of your lesson plan format. I've been on the prowl for different formats to try out:)


Overachiever said...

Thank you so much dandelions and drangonflies! I absolutely love your blog. It has so many great ideas. I love this whole idea of a bookshelf for each group. Thanks for sharing such great information.

jessma said...

Thank you for sharing your shelves with us. I am already planning on doing this next year! I would also love a copy of your lesson plans. I usually use Word so an Excell spreadsheet would be another great resource!

Thank you,

camiandseth said...

I would love for you to email your lesson plan page to me. I have been looking for something that has room to write in.
Thanks for sharing!

Theresa said...

I just love this idea. I am going to have to find a way to adapt it for my classroom as I don't have a lot of room. Thanks for sharing.

Mallory said...

I am absolutely in LOVE with your classroom. I'm most definitely spending my summer crafting many of the things you have, and spending my time re-organizing my "somewhat organized" room. I would LOVE a copy of your lesson plan format! Thank you for providing such inspiring and amazing photos and ideas!!


Ximena said...

Great ideas!! I would love to have a copy of your lesson plans.

jeannie said...

You have a great classroom! Could you please share your lesson plan file with me? thank you. my email is

Tina said...

Great ideas! I know I'm two years late... Since you posted this in 2012, but I was hoping that you would still be able to email me your lesson plan template because I LOVE it! Thanks!

Tina said...

Great ideas! I know I'm two years late... Since you posted this in 2012, but I was hoping that you would still be able to email me your lesson plan template because I LOVE it! Thanks!