Wednesday, April 25, 2012

There Was A Hole... the middle of the ground, come know the song!

In all seriousness there is really a the middle of our playground, and during testing week to top it all off!

Our principal calls it  "just some erosion", but we (the teachers) know a little better. Now the playground has been off limits until further notice, and we don't have many other options as to where the kids get burn off some of that testing, we've been sitting for 140 minutes, energy! Therefore I have implemented jumping jacks, running in place, sit ups, and all sorts of stretches into my daily routine. We are also waiting on our wonderful "system" to possibly even have to do more ground testing to be sure our entire playground won't end up underground!

On the plus side it gave my students a text to world connection of erosion, how it happens, how caves form...and all that great Science content that we talked about earlier in the school year.

So enjoy the pictures


And now that the kids don't roam the playground the geese have taken up permanent residence there, which means goose poop EVERYWHERE!


Miss Squirrels said...

Sorry you can't burn it off, that has to be hard (on everyone).There was an air of frustration as the buses loaded today...Staci

Going Nutty!

Miss Kindergarten said...

Oh my word!!!!!

Kristin said...

That is SO wrong. SO SO SO wrong! I can't imagine. You are in perpetual "inside recess". YIKES!!!!!
My parents live by a lake in Orange County. Geese poop is everywhere. Also, I have been stuck for a LONG WHILE waiting for a flock of geese to cross the road. Parents will say, "You're late." I'll say, "GEESE!" They'll say, "Stupid Geese!"
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Mrs. Anderson said...

This has got to be the worse time of year to be denied access to the playground!!! I think I would go crazy if my kids had to have inside recess for more than a day!!
Good luck & I'll be prayin' for ya!