Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Must Read!

If you haven't MUST read this book to your class! Now that most of us are about to be done testing, it is the perfect time.

I'm not sure if I loved this book so much because of my huge military family or if it was because this story was so heartwarming and AMAZING! Who knows, maybe both.

I think my students might have loved it even more! They were hanging on to every word and picture.

I read this book as one of three the students could choose to write their response to literature, and the ENTIRE class chose this one.

What was even more exciting was when we had one of those awesome, teachable moments that you can't plan for, and you just roll with.

Amidst our reading review, we were revisiting drawing conclusions. I had found this passage titled "Bringing Books to Life" ( note: if you are not a member of this page FREE you MUST, it is amazing and FULL of great passages!!!

Okay back to our moment....they really got into the article, discussing even more current books that have been turned into movies. Then I hear a small discussion going on about the book Nubs...the students were talking about how that book should become a movie. So I ran with after CRCT the students are beyond thrilled to get to make movie posters for the book Nubs! They are going to try and persuade others to see the movie and maybe even someone to actually MAKE the movie.

I will keep you all posted on how these turn out! I can't wait to see them.


KRISTA said...

I LOVE this book. I first heard it last spring when our AP read it aloud to our 3rd graders. I had tears in my eyes as did many of my students as this story was being read. It was SO moving.


Erin said...

My best friend is in the Marines. He was in Afghanistan until December and my class "adopted" him and sent him boxes of goodies. When he came home, he came in and surprised my students. He read this book to him since he is a dog handler in the Marines. It was perfect. What an AMAZING book. :)