Sunday, February 26, 2012

Teaching Channel Mention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my goodness! My pizza pan math groups were mentioned on the Teaching Channel (thanks Misty,, for letting me know). I couldn't believe it. I'm pretty honored.

Check out the link below:

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

As Promised

Here is the February Kidsville Newspaper Worksheet I created. This edition has a lot of good articles to share with your class. You can actually view the newspaper in it's entirety though this link:

Click the picture to retrive the worksheet:

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Craft Time

I made it! I was so excited to try and make this jewelry hanger from pinterest...and shockingly it was soooo easy! (disclaimer on the pictures, sorry they are not that great we are between cameras so I am using a 10yr old point and!)

Here is what you need.

Sorry blogger is flipping my photos again! UGH. Your supplies are: a canvas (you choose your size), 1/2 yard of fabric, staple gun, tape measure or ruler, and cup hooks (I found mine at Target in the one hardware aisle, I really liked the rustic finish on these).

I then measured out the distance of where I wanted to hooks. I went ahead and screwed them in (very very easy) to make the holes, this way they were pre-spaced and I didn't have to mark up my fabric

I then trimmed my fabric, leaving approx. an inch on each side. Folded the fabric and pulling it tightly as I stapled it to the canvas.

Thanks to having my holes already done, I simply felt as to where they were and screwed the hooks into the frame again.

Hang and DONE!!!!!

 I used my cricut to cut out vinyl easy!!!!!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

The End of the LONG Weekend

I think I managed to get to about 90% of what I wanted to accomplish this weekend. I think that is pretty good considering I was useless the first two days of our little break. Unfortunately I didn't get to my craft, but it is on the books for tomorrow night (fingers crossed). Thanks to my hubby, who kept my little one busy this evening, I got some of the "boring" things done. This is what my workspace looked like, I'm sure you are pretty familiar with it!

Oh yeah don't be jealous of my stacks :) The HUGE binder (I am going to have to get a second one) contains all my student's information: DRA/Rigby, Fluency report, Writings w/ rubric, Reading/Writing Communication Reports, and so on. To me it's a little easier to have everything at my fingers...instead of in a file. This way if I have a SST, Kid Talk or whatever you want to call it, even a conference I just grab my HUGE binder. Did I mention I LOVE binders, and sheet protectors!??!?!?!

I almost forgot...I have made this worksheet, that goes with a free newpaper we receive in Gwinnett County. BUT you can access the issue on their website!!! ( You can even project the articles if you would like. So here is a little freebie for you. ENJOY. Keep an eye out, I am working on this month's edition, I'll post it as soon as I can, along with the link.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

One more thing checked off my list...

Here is my Figurative Language Lesson Plan packet. Click the picture to purchase:

Exciting, Thrilling Long Weekend...

Okay not really. Of course I ended up sick Thursday night. I caught the stuffy nose crud (our weather here has been spring one day then winter another). Friday morning I did the usual teacher thing and had doctor's appointments and boring errands to run. I then came home and slept (thank goodness for daycare).

Saturday was pretty much the rotation from bed to couch back to bed. My husband had the pleasure of taking our daughter to a birthday party...simply across the street...and when he came home you would have thought I owed him a shiny metal or something. Like I haven't done the birthday, get together thing alone a zillion times!!!! Saturday night moved from stuffy nose to dry cough, ugh!

Today has been slightly better, but both my daughter and I simply took a shower and bath, put clean pjs on and here I sit on the couch while she watches Blue's Clues (LOVE Netflix for kids). I think this happens to teachers because we go and go and go, then when a break comes along we let ourselves relax and our immune system relaxes thus getting sick! Who really knows but it sounds good, right?!?!?

I had/have (the break is not over yet) a HUGE list of things to accomplish over this break, but I don't think it will all get done. Most of which is related to my upcoming parent/teacher conferences. Yep that time of year for almost all schools. I have reading and writing communication reports to fill out, a writing to grade yet, ITBS/CogAT scores to review and figure out, and a few more things I'm sure I am forgetting. But I try to keep all my information together on this little checklist I use for each student. This way I can keep track of all the information (in one location, instead of 5 different sheets of paper) and I can usually stay on track during the conference.

So here is what I use...don't know if it will be helpful to any of you out there, but maybe it will give you an idea for your own checklist. Check back in with me soon, if things go according to plan I should have a few more things to share and a for the home craft I plan to do/make tomorrow...fingers crossed.  Click to retrieve:

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I am very sorry for the long silence, however I have been very busy. I did have a few bucket orders...which was nice to get to craft, some of which I have shared already...but in the spirit of the Super Bowl, I did have one order for a NY bucket (glad they won)

I also planned and carried out three parties in one...on the same day! We had my daughter's third birthday party combined with a surprise birthday party for my husband (their birthdays are 3 days apart), and a Super Bowl party. Needless to say everything went very very well, but I was very very exhausted...and still am! Here are a few pics:

Now for a school related line or two...

I did manage to move a few of my desks around to try something new. I am still adjusting to having a square classroom versus a rectangular makes it a little hard for arrangements. But this seems to be working a little:

Lastly I told you a little while ago that I would share with you all how I set up and store my math center games. I am a HUGE envelope person. Slowly I am getting around to laminating them, so that maybe they will last a little longer.

Most of the games my students know I have made title cards and instructions for. This way I may have two envelopes that contain these items. Therefore I don't have my entire class trying to play the same game. When a student wants to play a game they will take that envelope with them, collect the materials needed, find a spot in the room, and get started.

I store my games in my center central, in a tub (of course)

As I said before all my games have a title card and an instruction page. On the envelope I always try to write what they will need to play the game, so they can get their materials prior to starting to play.

Now that I am laminating the envelopes I have to take the brads off, which is really easy to do (my kids break them all the time). I knew I was going to use or try to use velcro. I was pretty excited to find these velcro ovals (saved me some cuting and gluing time).


Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Well I was tagged two or three times, but I am going to go with the first "tagger". Sorry I am a little late responding, this week is very very busy...and throw in planning a birthday party for Super Bowl Sunday! WHEW!!!!

You know how your students always make up their own rules to the games they play...well I must admit so did I :) 

So here you go: (could this be more complicated?!??!?)
Think Wonder & Teach has tagged me!

The rules are as follows, sort of made them "my own":
  1. Post the rules
  2. Post 12 things about yourself
  3. Answer the 12 questions sent from the person that tagged you.  Then create 12 new questions for the people you tag  Sorry guys could barely think of 12 things about myself...and it's only Wednesday!
  4. Tag 12 5 people and link them to your post
  5. Let them know you tagged them.

Things About me:
I don't know if I can think of 12 things about me! Here goes:
  1. Born and raised and GA, and after following my husband around the US with the military we settled back in GA
  2. I have a side business of making buckets, check it out: Quite a Pear
  3. I am OCD...I'm sure some of you figured that out by now
  4. I am learning to find my voice (no I don't sing, just stand up for what I feel/believe more)
  5. I LOVE technology
  6. I don't know what I did before buckets, blogging, pinteresting...oh maybe sleep!
  7. My daughter is about to be three, but is the height of a 5yr old!
  8. I love to decorate, but scared of color in my own house...hummm
  9. I don't consider myself to be artistic, cutsie crafty maybe
  10. I LOVE Janet Evanovich books, but sadly didn't get to see the movie yet. 
  11. ....seriously can't remember the last time I actually did get to see a movie
  12. I was trying to hold out and not cut my hair so I could donate it again...but it may not's getting pretty crazy!

  Answered Questions:
1 ~ What is your advice for new teachers? BLOG STALK...really wish they were around when I first started, so many ideas, so little time.
2 ~ What is the one thing every teacher should own? BINDERS, LOVE my binders
3 ~ Where is your favorite place to read a book? anywhere I can, when I can...usually breaks and summer
4 ~ How do you de-stress after a long day? craft
5 ~ Share a favorite memory of one of your students. "Mrs. Falkenhagen, if you died, I would go to your funeral"....what do you say to that????? Thanks?!?!?
6 ~ What is your biggest challenge in the classroom? TIME
7 ~ What is your favorite snack? Reece's Peanut Butter Cups
8 ~ What is your classroom theme/color scheme? Black and Red with white polka dots
9 ~ Why did you become a teacher? ALWAYS wanted to be one, the love of it, when you know you know...can't imagine doing anything else.
10 ~ What grade do you teach? third
11 ~ What blog would you recommend others to visit? Third Grade Gridiron....seriously when does she have the time for it all?!?!??
12 ~ What is your favorite thing to do organize :)

People to tag:  I tried to tag a few "new" to me blogs, head over and check them out!
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Okay so that's all I can muster...pathetic I know, I am off to work on a Super Bowl NY Giants Bucket!