Monday, December 12, 2011

Sunday Post Continued

I rolled over in bed this morning and vaguely heard the sound of school bus breaks screeching...I thought "that's strange the bus comes at 7:00". COMPLETE panic hit and I sat straight up in bed....looked at my clock...blinked and looked again.

YEP I had done it, 2hrs!!!!!! See I am a get up early and take my time getting ready girl, I also have a 2yr old that on a good day it takes 30 minutes to get her dressed and out the door to day care. I usually LEAVE my house by 6:45, and I have to BE at work at 7:30 (20min commute, on a good day). Needless to say I made it to school by 7:35.

Thanks to naturally curly hair..and jeans week I managed to only look half way disheveled. I woke my hubby up and told him he was taking the kiddo to daycare, not something he usually does because he works night shift...but this was an emergency.

My only other problem was this week is Secret Santa week...and thanks to being  "late" I had to find time to secretly leave my gift...oye! Not the way to start the week. If you know me at all I am a very prompt and organized person, so this only put me in sheer panic that I would not get done what I need to get done this morning! I have NEVER (in my 10 yrs. of teaching) ever been that late getting up in the morning. But somehow I pulled it together and made it through the day, getting done MOST of what I wanted.

I even managed to get my Vocabulary Wall together and take pictures.

Each bucket has a tag on it. The tags are in groups. My students have numbers assigned to them and they know that their vocabulary ring is in that bucket (I don't think I explained it too well).

Each student has 5 vocabulary (sight words) that they will work on throughout the week. I also printed a name card for their ring. The cards I used were the new blank cards just for pocket charts (I found them at the School Box). I laminated them and cut them out. That way each week I can erase their words and give them new ones.

I keep their word work assignments written on the small white board. Any worksheets for word work I place in the large envelopes (I LOVE these, what a great way to hid pieces and papers, but the clasps break easily).

Finally I promised a promised a  picture of the finished ornament tutorial. This is one that I made two years ago. I will also post a picture of the finished one from this year. I promise the picture does NOT do it justice.


Tara said...

Oh how I love your vocab wall with the cards....may have to be doing that in my room:) I hate oversleeping....that would have ruined my I would have been rattled allllll day!

4th Grade Frolics

bnwalton said...

Umm, can I just say I ♥ your vocabulary wall! Amazing :) I am totally with you on the waking up late. I get up pretty early so I can have a relaxed time getting ready AND I can get to work early. I have to ask, what is your secret for your curly hair? If I woke up and had to run out the door, mine would look nowhere near cute! Glad your day ended up being okay :)

Living A Wonderful Life

Runde's Room said...

LOVE the vocabulary wall!!! And I mean LOVE!!!

Runde's Room

Dandelions and Dragonflies said...

@bnwalton: okay so I JUST found a product for my hair that I love! I am not a fan of my curly hair...that is also another reason I wake up early (to straighten my hair)...because to me it feels "unprofessional" (crazy I know), but I am trying. I found a line of products called Not Your Mother's Hair Products. I love the Kinky Moves Curl Cream because it doesn't leave my hair "crunchy". I have also gotten the Beach Babe and Smooth Moves. LOVE them all! Here is their website, but I just picked them up at WalMart

bnwalton said...

I am going to have to check that out! I also recently pinned something to improve curly hair, but it seems like it will take a while and I am not patient! Thanks so much :)

Living A Wonderful Life

Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your site!!!!!

I too love a red, white, & black classroom:) I like to enhance with Mickey because I think you're never too old or too young to be a kid at heart;)

I have also had problems with those clasps breaking:(

I started taking them off, laminting the envelopes, & using a piece of velcro:) Makes the envelopes much more durable & prevents all the "stuff" from falling out of the envelopes.

THANKS for sharing your wonderful classroom & ideas:)


Janah said...

I love many of your classroom ideas and I enjoyed how you have the rings for each student.
I also laminate my folders (the ones you mentioned in this post that have clasps that break over time) and use velcro for the tab. My firsties know they have to been gentle with things like this but it really does seem to last and work well. Thanks for posting.