Thursday, December 1, 2011

Help Please

I am very sorry for not being consistent with my posting, hopefully I can get back on that soon...but what I have been searching through my blog comments, emails, and so on trying to find the person who asked for copies of my Heroes of our Democracy people and vocabulary words. If that was you or you are if you are interested in them please let me know. I feel horrible for losing that email or not finding that comment, and would like to get them out as soon as possible. Thanks so much and have a HAPPY FRIDAY!


Samantha said...

Hi! I can't help on your quest...but I did give you the Sunshine award! Come see.


Sara BB said...

Hello, what are some fun activities that you do in your classroom with your heroes of democracy? I am a third grade teacher in Clayton County. Can you please post some fun activities? I love to make foldables etc.

Dandelions and Dragonflies said...

@Sara: SURE! I would be more than happy to.