Monday, June 27, 2011


Or should I say follower...I have a follower!!!!

Can you tell I am slightly excited to see that not only does someone read my blog, but they actually want to follow it!?

In other news just a small thing to share, my FAVORITE font website. I love fonts and tend to get in trouble some times because I download fonts from the wrong places...and BAM virus. So I was thrilled to find a trustworthy website that offers fun fonts. I just wish I could blog using them, and if any readers out there know how to do that, please share! Click the picture below to visit their website.

Finally, I found this button that completely is me...
For my friends that have visited me to pick out bucket goodies know that my craft supplies, storage, and work area is literally in a closet!!!

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Jason and Pamela said...

I found some fonts when I first started blogging on, but I can't find them on there now. Let me know if you want it and I can send you the html and you can put it on yours. ~Pamela