Sunday, June 26, 2011

Potty Time...maybe

So we have been working on potty training for awhile now. Ashlyn is only two, but she was totally wanting to use the potty, so we went with it. According to her daycare she is considered potty trained, wearing big girl pants with minimal accidents. At home that is a different story all together. 

There are a few factors that I think play into this...she drinks A LOT more water and juice at home, there is no "peer pressure" (which I think makes a big difference), and even though I am a very schedule based person we still go out and shop or have play dates that interfere with the potty schedule. Finally, she doesn't poo at daycare, so the days she is home she has tons of gas and battles not wanting to poo on the potty with not wanting to go in her panties.

I have played off of different incentives that work for some time and then after a day or two don't work any more. It is all based on what she is "into" for that time of the week or even day. Right now Ashlyn is in LOVE with stickers. So I have instituted a sticker reward chart....I know, such a teacher thing to do, but I will continue to use it as long as it works! I know you other potty training mommies out there would agree. 

Well the crafter in me couldn't just do a simple sticker chart, I had to make it look "pretty". I also used pictures of "real" kids doing the activities (potty, brush teeth) that I wanted Ashlyn to do. As a teacher I know children relate to real life pictures more than abstract or even clipart. Also because Ashlyn is only two, I put two "activities" on her chart, much more and she may lose interest or even be overwhelmed. But I have attached other charts you may want to use for older kids. So here is my Sticker Chart Tutorial, use and enjoy! 

Materials: Printed charts, Two 12x12 scrapbook papers (similar color schemes), glue or glue tape, laminator (optional)

Step 1: Print one of the charts below, or make one your self.

Step 2: Trim your chart, and take a few inches off one of your scrapbook papers

Step 3: Glue your trimmed scrapbook paper to your base paper, laminate this if you would like so that you can reuse it over and over. 

Step 4: Tape or glue your chart to your scrapbook papers
Step 5: Begin using! Ashlyn currently is thrilled with being able to pick out special stickers for her sticker chart, an older child may have to have incentives set up for filling the chart.

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