Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Just Getting Started...

Well, I only spent two weeks working on how I wanted my blog to look...who knew it would be so difficult! With a little help from some online tutorials, here I am! Now, it's not completely done and finalized, but I wanted to get started. 
My amazing husband, Nick, and daughter, Ashlyn.

I guess I will begin with how this all started...First of all when my daughter was born, two years ago, I knew a few people who were keeping blogs in order to keep a timeline of their family (a running record so to speak). So I thought "why not give it a shot?". Well that didn't work out so well. Being a first time mommy, with a full time job didn't leave much time for laundry, let alone blogging. As time passed and my daughter became slightly more independent I began finding time (especially during nap) to do things I actually wanted to do. Then two weeks before Easter 2011 I was drastically searching for an original monogrammed (hello, I'm from the south) Easter basket for my daughter. As I was combining the websites, etsy, and eventually blogs I thought "I can do that!". So I made an Easter bucket for my daughter, and then her five cousins. Well after posting pics on FB, I found a lot of my friends had the same problems and wanted me to make similar buckets for their kids. This is want started Dandelions and Dragonflies. I couldn't believe it! I also became addicted to reading blogs and found so many that I LOVE! 

My blue eyed beauty!
So here I sit at 11:33PM (which you will soon find out is extremely late for me to be up) writing my first blog, sort of. I hope all you readers out there enjoy! Here are a few introduction pics:

The most recent pic I could find of myself: Father's Day 2011Left to right: Me (Jessica), Mark (father), Jeremy (brother)    In Front: Jodie (sister) Not pictured: Jennifer (sister)

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