Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bowling and Cheerios

So today was the first time Ashlyn has ever gone bowling. I wasn't too sure how she would do. Could bowling keep my 2yr old (who has an attention span of a gnat) interested? Well needless to say after taking some time to warm up to the loud sounds, strange shoes, and having to take turns...she LOVED it! 

A few lessons from dad

Discussing ball color...the orange was a hit!
She became very focused and serious

So while tossing and turning last night I was thinking of easy things/activities that would keep Ashlyn entertained for the remainder of the summer. Then it dawned on me...why not do the easiest thing, something every preschooler and kindergartner does...make a cereal necklace! Not only did she love it, but it kept her so focused and busy, we may make one everyday. If you need a tutorial on this just ask and I can email it to you :O) 

It took a lot of concentration
Getting started
Whoa! Look how long it is

All done!

And what good is a craft if you can't eat it?!

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